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Here there is the description of the issues encountered or not on some GNU/Linux distribution.

Debian/*ubuntu issue

Fathi Boudra (the kvpnc debian maintainer.) find an issue with Debin/Ubuntu distributions where KSniffer seems it doesn't work. These kind of GNU/Linux systems remove the SUID bit from the binaries applications so you have to run KSniffer with root privileges to let it work. Run KSniffer with "kdesu".

If you don't do as described, don't worry. KSniffer will detect the problem on its own and will show you the following dialog at the start up:

KSniffer tell you it can't capture on Debian if you don't start it as root

You can also continue to execute KSniffer, but in this case you will not able to capture network packets. You could just open pcap format files.

Howto setup KSniffer for use without root password - sudo

  1. install sudo
  2. edit /etc/sudoers
    • # Cmnd alias specification (change to the path of ksniffer, SuSE: /opt/kde3/bin/ksniffer, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu: /usr/bin/ksniffer)
      Cmnd_Alias KSNIFFER = /usr/bin/ksniffer
    • # User privilege specification
  3. edit desktop link (change to the path of ksniffer, SuSE: /opt/kde3/share/applications/kde/Internet/ksniffer.desktop, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu: /usr/share/applications/kde/Internet/ksniffer.desktop)

    replace the following lines:



    Exec=sudo ksniffer