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KSniffer Changelog

KSniffer has the following features:

KSniffer 0.3.2 [21 Feb 2008]:
  • More information for ARP protocol
  • More information for TCP protocol
  • More information for UDP protocol
  • Added useful information in the "Information" column for UDP/TCP protocol
  • Recognized protocols from the packet for the "Protocol" column
  • Splitted the configuration dialog in 2 groups:
    1. Capture
    2. GUI
  • Added the "Show the RAW Packet frame on the right of/under the Packet Details frame" option
  • Let "Save as" enabled after you saved the file so you can save it elsewhere if you need
  • Fixed the "network transparency doesn't work in some cases" bug
  • Fixed the "losting last packets from the view" bug
  • Fixed the "detecting parse errors in XML file for ksniff" bug
KSniffer 0.3.1 [30 Sep 2007]:
  • fixed recognized MAC address for ARP protocol
  • a more detailed packets raw view
  • disable "New Capture" if you have problem with ksniff permissions
  • optimize the parsing of /etc/services file
  • some more information for ICMP protocol
  • let you sniff also on special network devices with no MAC address
  • fixed a crash when stopping the file loading
  • disable "New Capture" in the GUI if there are permissions installation problems with ksniff
  • a faster startup
KSniffer 0.3 [21 Jul 2007]:
  • new icon and splashscreen thanks to Carmine De Rosa
  • fixed crash when you click on a captured packet after you tryed to open a file, but you didn't open it
  • give the port name to UDP and TCP connections getting them from /etc/services file
  • show raw bytes of a selected packet from the list of the captured one
  • changed "sniff" application name to "ksniff" to avoid name conflicts with other sniffing applications
  • fixed bug that avoid saving sniffed data quitting from the application
  • get the list of the network interfaces that have different MAC addresses
  • check ksniff permissions to avoid users think KSniffer doesn't work: Debian/*ubuntu/OpenSuSE remove the suid bit: a warning dialog will appear in case ksniff has not found or has not the SUID bit
KSniffer 0.2 [11 Feb 2007]:
  • add/remove KSniffer in the system tray bar
  • added KSniffer option dialog:
    • sniffer settings:
      • display packets after you stopped capture available
    • capture settings:
      • stop manually
      • stop after X packets
      • stop after X bytes/kilobytes/megabyes/gigabytes
      • stop after X seconds/minutes/hours/days
  • added data for TCP detail display
  • added pause/continue capture
  • reading ports name from system (file /etc/services)
  • quick search added (dependancy from kdelibs >= 3.3)
  • better management for loading file
  • better management for temporary file
  • root privileges don't need anymore for the GUI
  • removed sorting feature cause of Qt bad performing for lots of packets
  • getting information on IP: can be detected some networking information on source or destination selected IP (click on an IP address with the RMB):
    • whois
    • traceroute
    • ping
    • dig
    • host
    • nslookup
  • compiling on FreeBSD and some other Linux platform
  • fixed boring bugs
KSniffer 0.1.1 [1 Aug 2005]:
  • updated nl translation
  • fixed configure warning
  • fixed compiling with KDE 3.2
KSniffer 0.1 [30 Jul 2005]:
  • starting network packet-capture session
  • opening libpcap format file
  • drag & drop for libpcap format file
  • saving in libpcap format file the captured packet session
  • actived the open recent file menu item
  • stopping network packet-capture session
  • tray bar menu
  • packet details display
  • when capture was stopped you can sort packets list by: frame number, time, source address, destination address, protocol
  • detected protocols: IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP