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About me

I'm Giovanni, an Italian guy that started to use Linux in the 2000 with my first Linux distribution: SuSE Linux 7.1. I bought SuSE because a University friend told me it was very good to use for a new Linux user. So after I got the "Computer Networks" exam and after the curiosity take me using a Red Hat 5.0 to realize the project for the "Operative Systems" exam I told myself: "Ok, so I have to try what is Linux. I'm too curious.". I was captured from the command line like the old DOS. So I thought that with its C/C++ compiler Linux could take my heart. I'm a developer. I wrote my first C program when I was 16 years old, so I didn't stop programming C from then because I discovered that it's a very powerfull programming language. Well I started using a computer from when I was 13. I started with a Commodore Vic20, I programmed BASIC, but when I learnt C at the secondary school, I left BASIC.

I start translating for KDE in 2002 after a year stayed to read the kde-i18n-it mailing list messages. I asked myself if I was ready or not, so I thought about it a year and then I started translating the Kooka manual from English to Italian. If you don't know Kooka is a KDE application to manage the scanner devices. In 2004 I started programming for KDE. I fixed some very very little bugs from fish (#85933), ksirc (#82994), kmail (#78626), klaptopdaemon (#80912) and implemented a very small feature (KWord/KPresenter: give network transparency when saving pictures) into KOffice 1.4 with a Junior Job (#93853).

During Christmas 2007 holidays I realized a very important patch for Amarok 1.4.5, you can see here :D: whislist #139292.

And this was the first commit on KSniffer in the KDE CVS (now KDE is on SVN):

"I committed a change to kdenonbeta/ksniffer in HEAD on October 13, 2004 at 06:20:47 PM
A new kdenonbeta application, its first right commit

KDE 4ever

KDE takes you :D... And you cannot say: "I don't want to write for KDE". Knowning C/C++ programming and after a long time on translations the direction has defined. You become a KDE developer that try to fix bugs in the existing applications, or contacting the author to add features sending him/her patches or just trying to realize your own application because KDE needs it. Writing your own application you can learn how to write code for KDE. It's just a way, maybe someone else can understand KDE as well as just taking a look at the code of the existing KDE applications without starting to write his/her own applicationi. A lot of people hates KDE. In Italy there's a lot of Gnome developers, for example, and very few for KDE. I'm for KDE. Don't ask me why. :D