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KSniffer for KDE 4 into SVN

19 April 2010: moved the KSniffer for KDE 3 to the KDE SVN unmaintained branch here and uploaded the new sources for KDE 4 where once there were the ones for KDE 3, that's here. The settings interface has been completed now. The tray menu too and the real time update for KSytemTrayIcon too. Now I can concentrate on the network sniffing part and the mainview adding the removed part from the KDE 3 project respect to this new one. Keep following.

KSniffer for KDE 4

18 April 2010: after 2 years with no more updates, about a week ago I started developing the KSniffer version for KDE 4. I've used all the code I could but pratically I restarted the project from the basis to make a more clean code. The configuration part is quite complete. I will do the sniffer part at the end of all GUI stuff fixing the not really real time sniffing.
Keep following ;) .

KSniffer 0.3.2 released

This version, released on the 21th February 2008, is stable. Report bugs and whishists if you can. See features to know what is changed from 0.3.1. The upgrade is highly advised.

Added an RSS feed to the website

31st December 2007: now you can follow the news on KSniffer better with an RSS feed. By the way. Happy New 2008 all of you smile.

KSniffer 0.3.1 released

This version, released on the 30th September 2007, is stable. Report bugs and whishists if you can. See features to know what is changed from 0.3. The upgrade is highly advised.

KSniffer 0.3 released

This version, released on the 21st July 2007, is stable. Report bugs and whishists if you can. See features to know what is changed from 0.2.

KSniffer 0.2 released

The new version 0.2 has been released on the 11th February 2007. See the download session to get it and the feature session too see the new features list.

KSniffer was born

KSniffer was released with its first version 0.1 in July 2004. This application is a KDE network sniffer that is yet in the "development stage" and it needs some other feature to be really usefull, but I think it's enough to try it anyway, then you can contact me to report bugs or whishlist.
To check the last available version see the download section.

I started to use KDE from 2000 like you read in my "biography" and about 2 years later I noted that a program like Ethereal doesn't exists for KDE*. Yes, I can always use Ethereal, that is very complete and stable, and very know... Now this application is called Wireshark. Anyway, why don't try to create a network sniffer for KDE? Not a simple frontend to tcpdump, but a program that has into its code everything. I was thinking about it from 2002, that is when I read an article on Linux&C., an Italian Linux Magazine. (Well, in that magazine where I read the article about libpcap library, the editor published some my articles about KDE 3.1, KDE 3.4 and DCOP.) After I read about sniffing with libpcap I was trying to figure about a KDE program for sniffing network, but in 2002 I was not able to write anything for KDE. I'm learning Qt libs and kdelibs from about July 2004. I know that writing code for KSniffer is not simple at all, but I received the help of another Italian translator that like me is developing for KDE too. And all contributors that want give help are welcome if they contact me or send me a patch. I will not forget to put them into the KSniffer's Credits.

*: well there was KSnuffle I discovedered at the beginning of November 2004, but it was not ported to KDE 3.x and it's too old.